Financial Education


The following Guidebooks are designed to help you better understand the U.S. financial system.

  • How to Save and Make a Budget
  • How to Use Credit
  • Credit Cards: Advantages and Disadvantages
  • How to Use a Financial Institution
  • Purchasing a Car
  • Simplify your Life with Electronic Services
  • Home Buyer Educational Guide
  • Insurance Guide
  • Starting a Small Business Guide

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how to save and make a budget

how to use credit

Most people throw credit card offers in the trash, but Reymundo decides that it is a good idea to apply to every single card.  His spending gets out of hand, and when the introductory rates expire, Reymundo is forced to get another job just to pay off the interest owed on the card!


credit cards adv and disadv

After a savvy salesman convinces Reymundo to buy a used car without having first reviewed the car’s history, Reymundo unknowingly is left to deal with a useless car that creates more problems for him. 

Reymundo comes to understand how precious time is when his date loses patience after waiting for Reymundo to withdrawal cash from his bank. By using an ATM, he could have avoided the line and been on his way in a matter of minutes. 

Reymundo tells us the story of how Roberto and his wife Angelica almost fell into the trap of buying a home from a less reputable salesman. Roberto & Reymundo show us that it is never a bad idea to shop around.

Roberto’s Dreams is the second installment of Latino Credit Union’s Dreams series. Roberto’s Dreams focuses on Angelica’s husband, Roberto, who dreams of starting his own business. We follow Roberto through his journey of ups and downs as he learns from his mistakes and finds out how difficult it is to start your own business.

Angelica’s Dreams is Latino Credit Union’s first feature film recounting the story of Angelica, a woman whose life changes after she realizes that she’s pregnant. She is forced to change her plans and follow another dream for the sake of her unborn child.