05/14/15: Important DACA News // 05/14/15: Noticias importantes sobre la Accion Diferida 05/14/15

Original DACA remains alive and well!//

DACA original todavía está vivo y bien!

Due to the anti-DACA lawsuit launched by 26 states including Arkansas, DHS was supposed to only issue 2 year DACA work permits after February 16th, 2015 – the day that Judge Hanen issued the injunction temporarily delaying Extended DACA & DAPA.

BUT about 2,000 people got a 3 year work permit after February 16th, 2015.
For most people with DACA, there is NO CHANGE!

If you receive a letter from DHS with a 2-year work permit, you MUST follow the instructions in the letter!

If you do not get a letter with a work permit – DO NOT send your work permit anywhere!