Directory- Organizations Helping Latino Community

With the growth of the immigrant population in Arkansas, Arkansas has seen the simultaneous emergence of nonprofits, associations and government initiatives aimed at facilitating public and private services to immigrants. AUCC recognizes the invaluable work of these service providers in immigrant integration in Arkansas. As a work in progress, AUCC website visitors are invited to return to our Directory for address, telephone numbers and service descriptions for these entities organized by issue and service areas, and nonprofit service providers are encouraged to contact for additional information about inclusion in the Directory. AUCC does not promote specific service providers, but has developed this space as a means of enhancing communication and awareness about the resources that currently exist in Arkansas.

For a listing of organizations serving the Latino community in Arkansas, AUCC recommends .

Adult Education
Advocacy & Research
Citizenship & Civic Education
Diversity Promotion
Financial & Credit Counseling
Health Services
Labor & Workplace Conditions
Legal Services
Media & Communications
Organizational Development
Professional Associations