Marshallese have new resource for navigating life in Arkansas

Congratulations Gaps to completing their Welcoming Guide for the Marshallese! What an amazing resource! CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS TODAY WHAT IS IT? A new resource is available to help the Marshallese adjust to life in Northwest Arkansas. “Living in Northwest Arkansas: What you need to know as a Marshallese” is a 63-page booklet created by the Gaps in Services …

5th Class of Change Agents Attend State Training

AUC’S 5th class of change agents fired up & ready to grow the Arkansas immigrant movement after this weekend’s little rock state training! Leadership development and unleashing community power in action! The fifth class of agents of change of United Arkansas ready to grow the movement immigrant in Arkansas State after the training, the little rock this weekend! The development …

I AM An Immigrant

‘The Good Wife’ star came to New York to take a part in a Broadway musical, and he fell in love with the city and has made the U.S. his home while earning accolades as an actor, writer, producer and director.

Longtime U.S. resident Mireya discusses the far-reaching impact of U.S. v. Texas case, which could be decided as soon as Thursday.

Vea la historia de Mireya– una beneficiaria potencial de DAPA! Longtime U.S. resident Mireya discusses the far-reaching impact of U.S. v. Texas case, which could be decided as soon as Thursday. An undocumented parent who will be directly impacted by the DAPA decision, Mireya came to the U.S. with her family more than a decade ago in search of a …

Directory- Organizations Helping Latino Community

With the growth of the immigrant population in Arkansas, Arkansas has seen the simultaneous emergence of nonprofits, associations and government initiatives aimed at facilitating public and private services to immigrants. AUCC recognizes the invaluable work of these service providers in immigrant integration in Arkansas. As a work in progress, AUCC website visitors are invited to return to our Directory for …


  AUCC is supporting immigrant service providers in Arkansas to step out of their issue silos to come together, share ideas and resources, and cooperate to win civic engagement victories for immigrants. The partners of the Arkansas State Table collaborate on immigrant naturalization, civic education and nonpartisan voter registration and mobilization.

Issue Based Networks and Coalitions

The intersection between community building and public policy provides AUCC an opportunity to aggregate immigrant and multicultural interests through broad-based coalition-building, especially on immigrant reform, rights and integration issues. AUCC currently supports state coordination around 287(g) and Secure Communities, the DREAM Act and immigrant rights.

Vision , Commitment and Action Workshops

AUCC convenes and facilitates “Vision, Commitment and Action” workshops at the local level through which key stakeholders in immigrant integration develop a community vision through prioritization, garner participant commitment to working towards that vision, and delineate action items.

Community Development Initiatives

As Arkansas immigrants and partners move to seek positive change in their communities, AUCC utilizes guided practice, an approach that emphasizes learning-by-doing, enabling immigrants to develop and put newly acquired ideas, tools and techniques into practice on specific initiatives of their choosing. As a result, the experiences and learning stay within the immigrant communities. AUCC also offers organizing training and …

Change Agents Program

  AUCC’s work is grounded in its “Change Agents” training program, which aims to activate Arkansas immigrants to lead community-building efforts in their respective communities. Recruitment for this program emphasizes individuals from low-income communities who have previously not served in leadership positions, but have been deemed by their neighbors and colleagues as having strong leadership propensity. Program participants are tasked …